M105602 - Prestolite Leece Neville-PowerPro-5 M105 12V Starter Motor

Direct Replacement LEECE NEVILLE - Direct Replacement, POWER PRO - Direct Replacement

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Description: Starter
Critical Notes: For Use on Applications With Displacements of 11L or Less
OEM(s): International Truck, Leece Neville
Family: Leece Neville Titan 105
Voltage: 12
Power: 5kW / 6.7HP
Condition: New
Rotation: CW
Starter Type: PLGR
Number of Teeth: 12
Gear OD: 1.831in / 46.5mm
Solenoid Position: 82 Degrees
Mtg Ear 1 Hole: 13.6mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 2 Hole: 13.6mm Unthreaded
Mtg Ear 3 Hole: 13.6mm Unthreaded
Wet Clutch Seal: Yes
Rotatable Housing: Yes
  • Includes Control Relay
Application: International Truck Applications
Weight: 33.18 lbs / 15.08 kg

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Brand Name LEECE NEVILLEWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewManufacturer Design PLGR
Voltage 12Product Family M105
Power Rating 5.0Starter Rotation Clockwise
Tooth Quantity 12

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3700307C91INTERNATIONAL TRUCKDirect Replacement
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M130D2005PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
M130D2002PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
M130D2004PRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
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M105R2002SEPRESTOLITE ELECTRICDirect Replacement
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91014167WILSONDirect Replacement
91-01-4167WILSONDirect Replacement
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91-01-4622WILSONDirect Replacement
91-01-4707WILSONDirect Replacement
101500056YUTONG BUSDirect Replacement
1993878DELCO REMYCan UseRequires flange rotation and possible ground strap. Verify fitment starter larger than original.
1993755DELCO REMYCan UseRequires flange rotation and possible ground strap. Verify fitment starter larger than original.
M95301HPOWER PRO XCan UseMay require ground strap
HM95R2001SEPRESTOLITE ELECTRICCan UseMay require ground strap
8200005DELCO REMYDirect Replacement