C17-0043 - Cummins ISM 4965224 (C17-0043) DPF

Direct Replacement DURAFIT - Direct Replacement

Part Notes : Cummins ISM DPF with gaskets and/or clamps **Cannot be shipped or sold to CA**

Std Pack : 1
Price : $2006.07
$ 1801 .86

You Save: 204.21 (10.18%)

Quantity :

Please Contact 1(501) 565 - 7259 or sales@ascautoelectric.com for Availability

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Durafit OEM DPF replacement for Cummins ISM (C17-0043)


DuraFit replacement DPFs and DOCs combine exact-fit design
for easy installation with design enhancements over many
OEM and aftermarket units that improve durability to extend service life.

Design considerations:
?    Exact-fit designs for your specific application
?    Approved for horizontal, vertical, and dual installations
?    Uses High-grade stainless steel canisters
?    OEM-grade substrates
?    Advanced coatings
?    Includes Gaskets and Clamps
?    Features a 3 year unlimited mileage warranty!

DuraFit:  Designed to fit.  Built to last.

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Brand Name DURAFITWeight N/A
New vs. Reman NewDiameter (Inches) 13.3
Length (Inches) 13.9

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